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Meeting ID: 823 7325 1903
Passcode: NuQe4F

Morning Minyan

Weekdays at 7:30 AM,
Sunday at 8:30 AM

Shabbat Services
Friday at 6 PM,
Saturday at 9:45 AM

We are a synagogue that prays, learns, and celebrates together.

You are always welcome to join us, participating as much or as little as you like.

Weekly Parsha:

In Jewish tradition, every week a section of the Torah is read, studied, and reflected upon.

We consider the lessons taught to us in the weekly Parsha, and with guidance from our Rabbis, learn how to apply the wisdom to our daily lives.

Torah Blessings:

The Torah is a sacred text.  Therefore, before and after we read from the Torah, we recite a blessing.

Generally, a member from the congregation is invited to recite these blessings.  We call this an ‘Aliyah’ which literally means “ascension” or “going up.”